About Us

About Us

Our Mission:

To support Northern’s students and teachers, to empower them through enhanced learning and teaching experiences, and to recognize them through the administration of scholarships, awarding of grants, and faciliation of special projects.

What is the Northern Secondary School Foundation?

We are a charitable organization with a mandate of generating and accepting donations and bequests on behalf of Northern Secondary School. (**) By making a financial contribution to the Northern Secondary School Foundation, you can become part of our ‘family’ and help to sustain ongoing projects and awards to graduating students.

What do we do with the funds donated?

This is one of the most important questions asked when donating to any worthy cause or foundation. We can assure all of our donors that their dollars are being used in whole to support the students’ endeavours whether it be by helping them take educational trips through our subsidy program, or by supporting requests by school clubs so they can continue with their intra-mural activities. A large part of your donations will go to support graduating student awards which are given out at commencement. You may wish to create an award to be gifted in your name for a particular area of interest in the education experience. If this is , we encourage you to set up a meeting with the Foundation to discuss the amount, criteria for the award and length of time you wish it to continue.



    Talk to Us

    We want to hear from you! Drop us a line at info@nssf.ca.

    Make a Donation

    Donate online through CanadaHelps at canadahelps.org. Sign up to contribute monthly or make a one-time donation. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

    Apply for the Board

    Board directors are elected to two year terms. The NSS Foundation board consists of 14 members and has six standing committees: Alumni Relations, Budget (chaired by the Treasurer), Fundraising, Grant Allocation, Marketing, and Scholarship. For more information, please contact us at info@nssf.ca.


    I am going into my first year at U of T and plan to double major in Statistics and Life Sciences, hoping to eventually pursue a career in the STEM field. Thanks to your tremendous support, my financial burden has been lightened and I am more motivated to achieve my goal.  Moreover, your altruistic mission […]

    N. Zhang
    N. Zhang, student

    “It was an absolute honour and surprise to win the award, and meant so much more coming from students! The award money was used to create three locker murals: one for Latin, Spanish and Spec. Ed. I thought beautifying our school was a way to spread the award to everyone in the school.”

    Bénédicte Wiggett, 2013 Winner, Students’ Choice Award
    Teacher - Northern Secondary School

    Thank you for choosing me as the recipient of the Bob and Marylee Milne Spirit Award. The support is greatly appreciated and will help me to pursue my university education, where I hope to earn a dual degree with engineering and business. I plan also to be on the varsity basketball team. Thank you again […]

    J. Lawrence

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    Your Donation is much appreciated, and is tax deductable. Help us reach and exceed our 2014 target.