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What is the Northern Secondary School Foundation?

The Northern Secondary School Foundation (“NSSF”) has, as one of its key responsibilities, the selection and/or consideration of recipients of numerous student scholarships and awards, based on the criteria submitted by our donors.  As well, NSSF funds and oversees a NSSF Students’ Choice Award based on students’ input. The NSSF Board of Directors is solely responsible for the selection of the award winners of five (5) scholarships; namely the Jim W. Davidson, NSSF Award of Recognition , Kris Risk Sportsperson Award, Dale R. Callender President’s Award of Merit, and the Bob and Marylee Milne Spirit Award.  Each of these scholarships requires that a specific application form be completed for each award.   The application forms for each of these may be downloaded and can be found at the end of the description of each scholarship listed below. The recipients of the sixteen (16) remaining awards (described below) are selected by teachers, academic departments and/or the administration with input from the applicants themselves.  NSSF oversees and administers these.  To be considered for these awards, the NSSF encourages applicants to download and submit the NSSF General Scholarship and Award Consideration Form. With respect to the NSSF Students’ Choice Award, students nominate a staff member who has made a significant contribution to their student experience at Northern and the NSSF Board of Directors selects the staff recipient based on their review of the students’ submissions.  The NSSF Students’ Choice Award Nomination Form is available online.  Hard copies will be distributed in the Student Council Election day ballot envelopes each May. All applications may either be emailed to scholarship@nssf.ca or submitted in hard copy to the NSSF mailbox in the staff mailroom directly in front of the Principal’s office.

The deadline for submission of all applications will be announced soon.
  1. Jim W. Davidson Scholarship for Students in Need ($2,000.00) Created by Jim W. Davidson, an alumnus, this scholarship is awarded to one graduating student who demonstrates adequate financial need towards pursuing post secondary studies at a university or community college. The student must have achieved an overall 75% average or higher in their graduating year and preference will be given to a student who was involved in extra-curricular activities. The applicant must show integrity of character, interest in and respect for others, and possess the ability to lead. Click here for the application.
  2. NSSF Awards of Recognition Grade 12 ($500.00) Grade 11 ($150.00) Grade 10 ($150.00) Grade 9 ($150.00) This award is given to one student in each grade who, through his/her goodwill, self-direction, creativity or initiative, reflects positively on the reputation of Northern Secondary School in the community. Click here for the application.
  3. Kris Risk Sportsperson Award of Excellence 1 male ($250.00) 1 female ($250.00) This award was established by the family of Kris Risk, a former Northern student who won awards for both athletics and school participation during her years at the school. Kris passed away in 2008. The award is presented to two graduating students, one male and one female, who are pursuing their education at the post-secondary level and who have participated in school activities, athletics and community life during their time at Northern. Click here for the application.
  4. Dale R. Callender President’s Award of Merit ($200.00) In recognition of Dale R. Callender’s longstanding participation as a NSS Foundation Board member, alumni member and its President from 2006 – 2010, this award is to be presented to a graduating student who has made a significant contribution to the NSS Foundation or to Student Council activities (including but not limited to senators, class representatives, club executive members, and volunteers for NSSF events). The student must have maintained high standards of organization, commitment and energy and completed a minimum of 24 volunteer hours for the benefit of the NSS Foundation or Student Council. Click here for the consideration form.

SCHOLARSHIPS and AWARDS supported by the NSSF (SELECTED BY PARTICULAR DEPARTMENTS AND/OR NSSF) Please complete the NSSF “General Scholarships/Awards Consideration Form” to apply for the scholarship /awards where applicable.
  1. Clarke Pulford Scholarship ($200.00) Established by Clarke Pulford, former head of Physical Education at Northern, this award is given to an outstanding graduating student who is going on to university studying Physical Education or a related area. Click here for the consideration form.
  2. Future Teachers Award ($500.00) Established by the NSSF in 2018, the FTA supports a graduating student in good academic standing who is enrolled in a concurrent program of education at a university. Consideration may be given to a student who plans to pursue a post graduate degree in education. Applicants will have to demonstrate an interest in tutoring or mentoring other students in school or the community while at Northern. Click here for the consideration form.
  3. Jeff Mitz Interdisciplinary Studies Scholarship ($100.00) This award was established to recognize Jeff Mitz’ tremendous commitment to Northern and the Gifted Studies program. It is awarded annually to a graduating student who has distinguished himself/herself in the Interdisciplinary Studies program through excellence in academic achievement that has gained recognition beyond the classroom. Click here for the consideration form.
  4. Stacey Levitt Scholarship ($500.00 to one female graduating student) This scholarship is in memory of Stacey Levitt for her dedication to excellence in both athletic and academic pursuits. Stacey always set personal goals and worked hard to achieve her ultimate potential. Awarded to a graduate whose commitment, team spirit, and hard work have made her a valuable varsity athlete at Northern while maintaining excellence in all academic pursuits. Click here for the consideration form.
  5. Triumph Award ($500.00 each to one or two students) This award celebrates the outstanding spirit and determination of a graduating student (or students) who has overcome great personal challenges in order to achieve academic success. The award was created by Emily Mills, a former Northern student, and is funded by Gladys De Schepper, a former Northern teacher and head of Co-operative Education. The award recipient(s) will be selected by the Guidance Department in consultation with Gladys De Schepper. Click here for the consideration form.
  6. Kathryn Taylor Scholarship in Business Studies ($200.00) Established to honour the long standing commitment of Kathryn Taylor, office administrator at Northern, on the occasion of her retirement, it is awarded annually to a graduating student who exhibits enthusiasm, motivation and academic strength in Organization Studies in the Department of Business Studies and who has maintained consistent academic performance and contribution to the school and/or community. Click here for the consideration form.
  7. Alfred Buckley Memorial Award ($1,000.00) This award honours Alfred Buckley, a former Northern student and father of former Northern Principal, Varla Abrams. Mr. Buckley passed away in 2008. This award is presented to a Northern graduate or to a student finishing his or her final year of high school, who is pursuing a career in business, design or architecture and who has demonstrated initiative, energy and perseverance in the achievement of his/her goals. Click here for the consideration form.
  8. Excellence in Science Award ($200.00) This award is presented annually to one or two graduating students who have demonstrated the greatest talent and ability in the scientific fields of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and have attained high academic standards. Click here for the consideration form.
  9. Norman Hayman Mathematics Scholarship ($1,000) Established by Norman Hayman, a 1945 graduate of Northern, in recognition of the assistance and encouragement he received from his mathematics and metal shop teachers. Their direction provided the impetus for him to move from a technical program to an academic program, enabling him to pursue engineering at university. The scholarship is awarded to a graduating student who has completed a minimum of two (2) courses in Grade 12 mathematics and has attained outstanding grades in both courses. The student must have participated and excelled in an extra-curricular mathematics contest and be attending university immediately after graduation. Click here for the consideration form.
  10. Bulder Carlsen Memorial Scholarship ($200.00 to one student in Year 4) Established in honour of Bulder Carlsen, former School Treasurer, this scholarship is awarded to four students: the student in Year 1 with the third highest average, the student tin Year 2 with the third highest average, the student in Year 3 with the second highest average, and the student in Year 4 with the second highest average. No application is necessary.
  11. Selena Taylor Award ($5,000.00 maximum) This scholarship was created in memory of Selena Taylor, a Northern student who died tragically in an automobile accident in the summer of 1997. The scholarship is awarded annually to one or two graduating students who have made an outstanding contribution to either the Music or Art program at Northern (or both). The student(s) must show financial need and be pursuing post-secondary students in the Arts. If one student is chosen, the award is $5,000. If two students are chosen, the award is $2,500 for each student. A small plaque is also presented.  Click here for the consideration form..
  12. Milli Richmond Family Studies Award ($200.00) Milli Richmond was a teacher in the Family Studies Dept for 30 years at Northern and feels strongly about this area of study. This award is to be given out annually at Commencement to one graduating student who has successfully completed at least two Family Studies courses (student could be in the process of completing the second course at the time of graduation) The student will have contributed to the class atmosphere with respect to participation, attitude and a desire to learn. The student also will have expressed his/her intention to pursue post-secondary education in the field of Humanities. Click here for the consideration form.
  13. Mary Fletcher Bonnycastle Poetry Award ($75 Chapters/Indigo gift card to one student each in Grades 9-11) This award is to be given out annually at the Awards Assembly to three deserving students. These students have grown within a group learning experience, developed their values and talents within the matrix of the course, and created a portfolio, an anthology or a performance that touches our hearts. Click here for the consideration form.
  14. The Caelan Nanek Co-op Award ($500 to one graduating student) Caelan Nanek graduated from Northern in 2015.  The award was established by his parents to honour Northern staff for the support and assistance provided to Caelan. The award of $500 is given to a graduating student who demonstrates commitment and achievement in the Co-op Program. Students are not required to apply for the award; staff will nominate students for consideration.
  15. Audrey Yvonne Smith Scholarship ($900 to one graduating student or $450 to each of two graduating students from the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program) Funded by a legacy from Audrey Yvonne Smith, this scholarship honors a graduating student who is pursuing further education or training, who has demonstrated leadership and commitment to Northern and to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program (through sports and/or other departmental activities), and who has demonstrated leadership and commitment to the deaf and hard of hearing community beyond Northern. Click here for the consideration form
  16. The Megan Isabel Loges Social Justice Scholarship ($500 to one graduating student) Megan graduated from NSS in 2015.  This scholarship was established by her mother to honor the learning environment, teachers and staff that ignited, fostered and encouraged Megan’s passion for learning, volunteerism and social advocacy. This scholarship will be awarded to a graduating student who is pursuing post-secondary education and lives his/her daily life true to his/her convictions, values and passions, and who truly wants to make the world a better place. Click here for the consideration form
  17. The Belyk Award for Design Excellence ($300 to one winner or $200 each to two winners) Nine members of the Belyk family have attended Northern, with the first commencing Grade 9 in September 1966 and the final one graduating in June 2017. The Belyk family established this award as a way of honouring and continuing its 50 year association with Northern. The award will be granted to a graduating student who has both a passion for design and superior ability in the subject. The student readily takes initiative, is highly self-motivated, strives for excellence above and beyond the course expectations, sets an exceptionally high personal standard, and contributes to the image of Northern through graphic design. Click here for the consideration form
  18. The Ene Lomp Scholarship ($500 to one graduating student) Ene Lomp was a part of Northern’s music department for 40 years. Established upon her retirement, this scholarship recognizes Mrs. Lomp’s demonstrated excellence in teaching and dedication to her students. To be considered, the applicant must meet the following criteria:
    • Graduating student who has studied music at the grade 12 level
    • Demonstrated superior involvement, enthusiasm, passion and commitment to music
    • Contributed greatly to the music program at Northern through participation in multiple ensembles
    • Preference will be given to a student who is pursuing music at the post-secondary level

    Click here for the consideration form

The NSS Foundation Students’ Choice Award ($500 for staff person to use towards student-based activities)

The Northern Secondary School Foundation wants students to have the opportunity to say “thanks” by nominating a staff person who has made a significant contribution to their student experiences at Northern Secondary School. The person can be a coach, an educational assistant, an administrator, a teacher, a caretaker or any other staff member at NSS!! In addition to the honourable distinction, the recipient of the Northern Secondary School Foundation Students’ Choice Award will receive $500 to spend on further enhancing the student experience at Northern. Click here for the consideration form. Previous award recipients: Ms. Lomp, Ms. McGoey, Ms. Peter, Alten Lopez, Mr. Wilkinson, B. Wiggett, Mr. Knox, Mr. Oki, and Mr. Brown

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