Scholarships Form – AOR

Form – AOR

  • Award of Recognition Nomination Form

    These awards are presented annually at Commencement or the Awards Assemblyto one student in grades 9,10, 11 and 12.

    Are you someone whose work in the community reflects positively on the reputation of northern secondary school? Do youvolunteer with a community advocacy organization, write for a local press, perform with the musical or theatre group, support environmental issues, participate in academic and athletic interscholastic competitions, provide leadership to a NSS club?

    Nominations can be initiated by a student, a staff member, a parent or by self-nomination.

    If so, then ... Tell us your story.

    You must include one supporting material – it could be a letter of reference, a newspaper article about the student’s activity, a presentation, or a link to a video. If you would like to share a video, please include the Youtube or Vimeo link.

    Nominations can be made by a classmate, a teacher or a parent.You may also self-nominate.


    Section 2 - Nominator
  • eg parent, staff, student

    Section 3 - Reference

    Section 4 - Tell Us Your Story

    Section 5 - Supporting Material
    Please attach one item, such as a reference letter from someone in the community who has been affected by your work, a newspaper article, or other that supports your application. If you have a video, you wish to share, please include the link in your Story above.
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