Scholarships Form – AOR

Form – AOR

  • Award of Recognition Nomination Form

    The prestigious “Northern Secondary School Foundation Award of Recognition” will be presented annually at commencement or the awards assembly to one student in each grade who, through his/her goodwill, self-direction, creativity or initiative, reflects positively on the reputation of northern secondary school in the community.

    Nominations can be initiated by a student, a staff member, a parent or by self-nomination.

    Nominations must include any supporting materials that reflect the nominee’s contribution to northern’s image and school citizenship. this will facilitate an objective decision by the judges. examples could include: an essay to support the candidate’s worthiness of this award, a reference letter, a newspaper article about the student’s activity, a presentation or other pertinent information.

    Note: a minimum of three (3) support materials are required.

    Please read this application carefully, print clearly and press firmly


    Section 1 - Applicant

    Section 2 - Nominator
  • eg parent, staff, student

    Section 3 - Reference

    Section 4 - Project

    Section 5 - Additional Inofrmation
    Please attach any relevant addiitonal information, such as newspaper or magazine articles, an essay, a presentation or other pertinent facts.
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