To support Northern’s students and teachers, to empower them through enhanced learning and teaching experiences, and to recognize them through the administration of scholarships, awarding of grants, and facilitation of special projects.


The Foundation provides 40+ Scholarships – generously funded by alumni, parents and former staff – presented annually to graduating students at Commencement. Scholarships + awards range in prize value from $500 to $5000. Each year, graduating students are encouraged to apply for these awards and a select group of Northern staff decide who the most deserving candidates are.


The Foundation also provides grants to student groups and young changemakers. Students pitch the Foundation directly. We assess project merit and financial need before deciding. Students are often looking to attend competitions and conferences, invite guest speakers & performers to the school, as well as invest in equipment that will enable success.

All-Volunteer Board

It is often said that Northern is a large school that feels like a small school. Such things don't happen by accident. With talent, grace and the punctuality of Earth's seasons, Northern's amazing staff teach, guide and shape what's possible. It is in this spirit – the Spirit of Enrichment – that the foundation was started in 1999, managed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors and Officers comprising parents, former teachers, Northern grads and students. In addition to overseeing scholarships and grants, the Foundation facilitates alumni–school connections through managing a social media presence, actively shining a light on successful alumni, facilitating alumni who decide to fund new scholarships, seeking new sustaining donors whose dollars underwrite student grants, as well as facilitating ongoing opportunities for alumni to give talks to and mentor students.

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Creating a scholarship is an amazing way to support and recognize Northern Students. Scholarships are typically given an achievement criteria that focuses on a subject area or dedication to community leadership. Here is our Scholarships page where you can see existing scholarships.
To apply, please fill out the New Scholarship Form below and mail it to the address enclosed. A member of the Scholarship Committee will be in touch with you shortly.