Grant Request Form

To request funding from Northern Secondary School Foundation, please fill out the Grant Request Form below. We recommend writing longer answers in a Word Editor first, then pasting them into the form fields below – to ensure your answers are well-written and don't get lost.

To be considered, your application must meet the following requirements:

1.  All students applying must fill out the 'Staff Advisor' section, including asking their Staff Advisor for their Comments Regarding The Applicant's Need.

2.  All individual/group/club/departmental applicants, along with the Staff Advisor (if applicable) must attend a NSSF board meeting to make a 5 minute presentation and answer questions regarding the application. The presentation should discuss the following: specific use of funds requested, how the funding will benefit Northern Secondary School, how many will benefit.

3.  If there is more than one applicant seeking funding for the same project/excursion/activity, then all applications must be submitted together by the Staff Advisor.

4.  Disbursement of funds is limited to one time per school year per department, club, group or individual.

5.  A budget for the project/excursion/activity must accompany the application.

Grant Approval and Amount Funded Will Be Based on the Following:

  Availability of funds
  How the funds will benefit the students and/or Northern Secondary School
  The degree to which other financial aid has been granted

The Foundation Does Not Normally Support:

  Capital requests for normally funded TDSB major capital facility improvements
  Requests for general operating, deficit reduction and/or direct mail campaigns
  Support to religious or sectarian organizations/projects
  Tickets to special events, raffles, and general fundraising appeals
  Applications from non-Northern Secondary School organizations and/or individuals

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