Through grants, the Foundation directly supports student activities that enrich the NSS community.

Students applying will be asked to make a pitch to the Foundation's directors: you'll explain how your project / club will benefit or reflect well on the NSS community. The Foundation decides grant funding based on need, project merit and accountability. 

Deadline for Grant Requests

April 15, 2024

The Grant Request Form is here:
a few of last year's

nssf grant recipients:

It's no small feat to design, build and test robots that compete in national and global competitions. During their second competition of 2022, Crimson Revolution won the Rookie Inspiration Award.
Laila, Cat, Ellen, Sophia and Gus prepared for and entered the Ethics Bowl and made quite an impression on the national stage.
Club members' rockets were assembled and painted, culminating in a glorious Launch Day in Spring 2022. Stay tuned for images.
The NSSF Grant Request Form is here:
Please send your completed grant request form to grants@nssf.ca  //  Grant request forms are also available outside the Principal's office at Northern Secondary School.

The Foundation has provided funding to the following student clubs or projects over the years:

2021 – 2022

NSS Robotics Team – Crimson Revolution #8884
Northern Ethics Club
Northern Rocketry Club
Model UN Club

2020 – 2021

Art Equipment

2019 – 2020

Northern Bike Club
Model UN Club
Northern Music Council

2018 – 2019


2014 – 2015

NSS Fashion Show
Northern Gavel Club
Student participants in the "Junior Team Canada" trade mission to Peru

2013 – 2014

 Annual Co-op Breakfast
Student participant in the "Students on Ice Expedition" in the Antarctic

2012 – 2013

 WellNSS Club
Reach for the Top Club
Annual Co-op Breakfast
Equipment for the Physics Department
Support of Deaf/Hard of Hearing students in the Youth Canada Tournament for the Deaf
Creative Artists in Schools guest speakers for the Visual Arts Department

2011 – 2012

Student participant in Scientific research aboard CCGS Amundsen
NSS WellNSS - Mental Health Matters
Art Department Guest Artists Student Experience
French Exchange Trip
Peer Aids Training
Drama /Stage Crew Equipment
Annual Co-op Breakfast
Support of students participating in DECA competition

2010 – 2011

Northern Art Club Student experience at Shad Valley
Student experience at the Global Young Leaders Conference Annual Co-op
Breakfast Drama Studies Equipment needs Teacher Experience
Institute on Canadian Parliamentary Democracy
MIT Mathematics Tournament 

2008 – 2009

Student need for Italy/Greece
HEROES assembly
Pottery Wheels
Robotics Club North American Championships
Peer Education activities
Student Experience Debating Oxford Union School Tournament
Student Experience Shad Valley
Student Experience Trip to Ottawa