Through grants, the Foundation directly supports student activities that enrich the NSS community.

Students applying will be asked to make a pitch to the Foundation's directors: you'll explain how your project / club will benefit or reflect well on the NSS community. The Foundation decides grant funding based on need, project merit and accountability. 
these are your

2020 nssf grant recipients:

The Northern Bike Club  is working towards set-up of a fully equipped bike repair and safe bike storage room at NSS.
The Model UN Club will be using funds to attend 2 Model UN conferences.
The Northern Music Council will be using funds to bring in a series of professional musicians to enhance musical education. 
The NSSF Grant Request Form is here:
Please send your completed grant request form to grants@nssf.ca  //  Grant request forms are also available outside the Principal's office at Northern Secondary School.

The Foundation has provided funding to the following student clubs or projects over the years:

2019 – 2020

Northern Bike Club
Model UN Club
Northern Music Council

2018 – 2019


2014 – 2015

NSS Fashion Show
Northern Gavel Club
Student participants in the "Junior Team Canada" trade mission to Peru

2013 – 2014

 Annual Co-op Breakfast
Student participant in the "Students on Ice Expedition" in the Antarctic

2012 – 2013

 WellNSS Club
Reach for the Top Club
Annual Co-op Breakfast
Equipment for the Physics Department
Support of Deaf/Hard of Hearing students in the Youth Canada Tournament for the Deaf
Creative Artists in Schools guest speakers for the Visual Arts Department

2011 – 2012

Student participant in Scientific research aboard CCGS Amundsen
NSS WellNSS - Mental Health Matters
Art Department Guest Artists Student Experience
French Exchange Trip
Peer Aids Training
Drama /Stage Crew Equipment
Annual Co-op Breakfast
Support of students participating in DECA competition

2010 – 2011

Northern Art Club Student experience at Shad Valley
Student experience at the Global Young Leaders Conference Annual Co-op
Breakfast Drama Studies Equipment needs Teacher Experience
Institute on Canadian Parliamentary Democracy
MIT Mathematics Tournament 

2008 – 2009

Student need for Italy/Greece
HEROES assembly
Pottery Wheels
Robotics Club North American Championships
Peer Education activities
Student Experience Debating Oxford Union School Tournament
Student Experience Shad Valley
Student Experience Trip to Ottawa