• James M. McCarron Changemaker Award

    Jim McCarron was a highly respected Principal of Northern from 1991-96. This award was generously funded by his family and former colleagues to recognize a student who has made a difference in the lives of others in the school or community. This award will be presented annually at Commencement. Students may be nominated for this award by staff at Northern Secondary School or a member of a Community Organization. Students may self-nominate


    The recipient is a person who:

    • has taken courageous action in the school or community to challenge the status quo and provide a better solution to a school, humanitarian or environmental challenge.
    • Has started a club or initiated a project to make the school or community a more welcoming place for specific individuals.
    • Has volunteered time in the school or community to improve the lives of others and has changed hearts and minds.


    Section 1 - Applicant

    Section 2 - Rationale / Description of Student Action

    Please describe the action taken in the school or community that would make you a candidate for the Changemaker Award. Be sure to make specific reference to the specific challenge you tried to solve, the resources you used, the challenges you encountered and the strategies you employed to overcome the challenges.


    Section 3 - Reference

    Please attach a letter of reference addressing the criteria of the award from staff or a community representative to the application.

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